How to upgrade mid-century modern

“Something special is taking shape in the garden of Megan and Sam’s home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Under the shade of a towering Japanese maple tree, a new project is underway – and it has nothing to do with the recently completed renovation of the family’s mid-century home. Sam and the couple’s eight-year-old daughter, Hannah, are busy building a house for the fairies, complete with pixie-sized furniture. “Hannah just loves being in the garden and she really enjoys working on this with her dad,” says Megan. “When her house is finished, the fairies will be very welcome here!”

In fact, the duo’s home extends a warm greeting to all those who visit. Built in the mid-60s and set on a hilltop with lush greenery all around, the thoughtfully extended home is a lesson in the power of natural light and texture. It also pays homage to its modernist origins, with a striking wood-panelled ceiling, sunken living room, stone feature walls and bold colour throughout.

Most of all, this is a luminous house that invites in the sunshine, and its owners…”

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