The magic of design lies in its ability to transform everyday moments into something extraordinary.

This project, a rammed earth extension to a Californian Bungalow, focuses on more than just looks. The use of rammed earth is key, not just for its natural beauty but for the way it makes spaces feel - grounded, simple, and welcoming. This design is driven by the question of 'why' – why we are drawn to certain environments. In this case, it's about creating a space where the raw and earthy appeal of rammed earth helps everyone feel immediately at ease. Our aim was to design a place that's not just visually appealing, but also deeply resonant with our shared appreciation for natural, comforting environments. Read more

That was our starting point. For this project we wanted the design to take the back seat and stay unnoticed.

Paradoxically, this is what makes the building attractive: spaces are connected to allow supervision and stimulate conversation, bathrooms become social, pockets are inserted to accommodate for and make daily activities enjoyable.

The materials and details of this rammed earth extension are chosen and developed for what they can offer: solar heat radiating from walls, natural ventilation to feel the breeze, timber posts you can lean on, and benches you can jump on.

And hopefully unnoticed.