I have always valued when the spectacular enables the everyday.

This design for a rammed earth extension to a Californian Bungalow goes back to personal memories of places. However, I was less interested in the building design and look only but the joy that it can bring, interaction it generated and asked why. We all had these experiences in our lives: we walk into a place, we feel comfortable and we have a good time. Read more

That was our starting point. For this we wanted the design to take a backseat and stay unnoticed.

Paradoxically, the building then becomes active: spaces are connected to allow supervision or stimulate conversation, bathrooms become social, pockets were inserted to accommodate and make daily activities enjoyable.

Materials and details were chosen and developed for what they can offer: solar heat radiating from walls, natural ventilation to feel the breeze, timber posts you can lean and benches you can jump on.

And hopefully unnoticed.