In 2004, a group of committed families decided to start the first bilingual German-English school in Melbourne. As the group were to find out, starting a non-profit school from scratch with no budget would take four years of very hard work. Steffen Welsch was a founding board member and architect for the new school design. Read more

Given the nature of the school and its location in a built-up heritage area between a quiet residential street and a busy road, our design aimed to convey a friendly and inviting image to the school and local community.

We were able to utilise historic school buildings, refurbish them and add new structures that were needed for the operation of the school, much like with the neighbouring project Froebel Early Learning Centre. The works include a playground, ancillary facilities, internal fit-out, outdoor learning area and a sports ground. Respecting the aesthetic and cultural value of the existing buildings, our insertions are sensitive and subtle and designed to create safe, functional and inviting new spaces that are widely accepted by the school community, especially children.