There are simple and exciting ways we can make a difference:

Cherish What Matters:
Appreciating and revitalizing existing structures not only preserves history but also significantly cuts down on emissions compared to new constructions.

Smart Design, Efficient Spaces:
Embracing affordable and functional living spaces doesn't mean compromising on comfort or style. Innovative designs can turn compact areas into versatile, cozy homes.

Eco-Friendly Materials:
Using recycled and low-carbon materials isn't just good for the earth; it's also a step towards innovative and sustainable building practices.
Remember, every choice we make in construction shapes the world we live in.

Let's build a future that's not just about larger spaces, but smarter, more sustainable ones.
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Light, balance and beauty are the cornerstones of Steffen Welsch Architects, a Melbourne based sustainable design studio with over twenty years experience. We have a proven track record in delivering low impact, energy and cost efficient designs that are well planned, sensible and versatile.

Our projects recognise that sustainable design and construction are a collective endeavour that requires collaboration and respect between clients, consultants, authorities, contractors and suppliers.

As professionals we understand that climate action will result in cost reduction through a design that reduces operational and embodied energy. We love developing low impact and socially focussed buildings; we love re-use, recycling and working with sustainable materials like rammed earth and Hempcrete.

We combine our professional expertise with our responsibility to serve our community. We pledge to climate action through our work and are an integral part of the Australian Architects Declare movement.

This informs our belief and focus that sustainable design is affordable and leads to a more comfortable and more beautiful environment.