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What we do
We provide architectural services through an entire project from establishing a project brief to design, planning, documentation and construction and post construction evaluation. In our view, design and construction is a collaborative endavour. It starts by developing a brief together that looks at functional requirements, the things that make the outcome unique as well as the wider environmental impacts and benefits.

Design 'studios' are run within the office, where everyone at SWA is given your project brief and has a go at solving the problem. We create sketches and diagrams, and then bring them to the table to discuss what works and what doesn't.

The concept is developed in more detail. We make sure furniture can be placed, circulation works and the cat has a place to sleep.

Important design elements like the facade and material combinations are thought through to make sure they work together, look good and can be maintained.

During construction we work with the builder, check the works and refine details if necessary.
IMG_6841 DONCASTER-05 IMG_8022 IMG_0469 IMG_0519 IMG_1554 IMG_7911 IMG_7256 IMG_4241 IMG_4502

The project is handed over for all family members to enjoy.