Melbourne needs more houses and better houses. Designed for a standard urban block in Thornbury, this apartment design concept creates ten best-practice 9-star sustainable apartments. Read more

Nine Star Apartments is a project about community and identity, long term liveability and neighbourliness. Through this commission for a block on St Georges Road, Thornbury, we transform a standard suburban block into ten 9-star homes. These sustainable apartments increase urban density, housing quality, diversity and market accessibility while fostering community connections.

This project is also about context: our design is not just about the streetscape – the public face – but it takes to heart its role to create a positive impact in the urban fabric for not only its inhabitants, but for all adjacent neighbours. Fostering positive engagement with the community – on all levels – is encouraged through its spatial organization and design.

This sustainable apartment development is a good example of how a high yield can be achieved on a small inner-suburban block without adversely affecting the amenities and comfort of adjoining properties. Much like our townhouse development in Sunshine that translated into high resale value it becomes an integral part of its neighbourhood.