Beach Slice is a holiday home an hour's drive from Melbourne on a dirt road, five minutes walk to the shore of Western Port Bay. It is a familiar and humble design in a place away from town and suitable for life away from home.

A place where you hang your hat, it is also suitable as a place to retire.

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A home away from home serves two main purposes: enjoying a place somewhere else, and engaging in activities different to daily routines: nature instead of town, stars instead of lights, quiet instead of noise, casual instead of organised, social instead of insular (or vice versa), leisure instead of work.

With the value and meaning of a home measured in auction results in an overheated real estate market, there is a temptation to replace the old fibro beach shack with oversized ‘substantial’ buildings showcasing sophisticated details and a sense of luxury that read like an extension of the place one is trying to escape from.

“Beach Slice” resists that temptation: the building almost hides in its bush setting rather than dominates it, it appears effortless and simple – although it is far from that. This holiday home is a manifestation of ‘quiet architecture’, informed by Austrian architect Hermann Czech’s interpretation of ‘architecture as background’.