These low impact apartments are a modern addition to a heritage listed residential complex in East Melbourne. The block itself and the surrounding land were already densely built on, together with heritage constraints leaving little scope to develop the site. Our compact design that responded to the Art Deco architecture overcame these challenges. Read more

Our insertion visually linked two Art Deco apartment blocks and completed an ensemble of significant heritage value. The new sustainable apartments, located at the rear of the old apartment complex were designed to passive solar design principles but complement the stately Art Deco buildings that are central to the neighbourhood character.

Layout, floor plans, well-insulated external walls, location and size of doors and windows plus sunshading assure a comfortable, well performing and energy efficient building. Our respect for the environment starts with our neighbours, so we carefully ‘massaged’ scale, form, proportions and architectural details and opted for a contemporary interpretation of the adjoining Art Deco facades. The new structure steps down towards its southern adjoining backyards. This guarantees good sun light access into private open spaces. It combines densification of inner-city suburbs with a sense of light and space that we value.

The planning approval for this low impact design was delivered promptly, a clear indication that concept was widely embraced by neighbours.