Suburban homes in Melbourne are replaced by poorly designed and unattractive townhouses too often.

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They’re terrible to live in, costly to get through planning, and age quickly, becoming an eyesore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can build affordably, meet the changing needs of households, and increase the liveability of our suburbs with a variety of townhouse design options.

In this project, on a typical suburban block in Sunshine, we worked with the property owner to help steer this innovative development. Setting out to demonstrate that sustainable design principles and affordable-to-build townhouse developments are not mutually exclusive, we challenged planning controls to push through neighbourly and better design. The straightforward space planning achieves a higher-than-average yield and return, using conventional products for cost efficiency.

These three delightful homes had wide market appeal, excellent liveability, and their design makes an enduring contribution to their unique neighbourhood.