Q&A with the Australian Design Review

“This week we meet Bauhaus enthusiast Steffen Welsch. Welsch tells us about starting a practice, the next wave of community-led design and how architects should be taking up the mantle for experimentation in design.” – Read this interview with Steffen in the Australian Design Review.

Can you each tell us about yourself and how you ended up working within the architecture industry?

I grew up in East Germany in a family who loved art. As a high school student I came across the art and form-making of Lyonel Feininger, an American-German artist somewhere between expressionism and cubism. He sparked my interest in architecture, and he also happened to be a teacher at the former Bauhaus nearby, which had reopened as an architecture school. In 1986 I enrolled.

What attracts me to Bauhaus, then and now, is the interlacing of art with technology and social responsibility. Bauhaus aims to create flexible, practical, and personal architecture that emerges through an inclusive process culminating in beauty. This, too, is our aim….”

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